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Twitter Directory

As some of you know, I twitter. The micro-blogging site is a great favorite of mine. To find me go to I use the site to share announcements about blog postings for the many blogs I participate in: Killer Hobbies (, this blog and my character’s blog ( I use it to post appearances, […]

What Type Is Your Blog?

Have you ever taken a “personality” test? Was it accurate? The Myers-Briggs tests and the Personal Styles quiz were developed after WWII when people all over the world, reeling from the horror of the Nazi regime, wondered, “What kind of person can do such things?” Various scientists and sociologists scrambled for answers. Now Myers-Briggs offers […]

The Teacher is Always the Student

We had a totally excellent “Getting Published” class last night at Lewis & Clark Community College. First of all, I love their Edwardsville campus at 700 Troy. It’s the conclave of brick buildings that I’ve been told was a former factory site. The classrooms are spacious, light and well-appointed. But what made the class really […]

Desire Paths–Why Authors Must Create Them to Sell Books

Ever notice those footpaths between bushes, those stomped down walkways that go from a parking lot to the sidewalk, the ones clearly NOT planned by the landscaper where folks have made their own trail to get from Point A to Point B? Those are called Desire Paths. That’s a term architects use to desire “non-authorized” […]

Prepping for Marketing Panel at Love Is Murder

Note: I haven’t forgotten to discuss other considerations about self-publishing…I’m just making a short detour here. I spent the day today getting ready to go up to Chicago for Love Is Murder, and I noticed something curious. I’m appearing on a marketing panel, and Morgan Mandel asked what sorts of marketing materials and activities we’d […]

Should You Self-Publish?

Should you self-publish? That’s a tough question, and you’re the only one who can answer it. I can’t tell you what to do…but I since I’ve been both self-published and traditionally published, I can share some insights. The biggest question you need to ask yourself is: What’s my goal? And as you ponder that question, […]

Marketing Lessons from Girl Scouting

Remember Girl Scouts? Thinking back on it, I believe that Juliette Gordon Lowe was actually creating a marketing organization, designed to promote the idea of good self-esteem to young women. She was a remarkable woman, and obviously a smart (Girl Scout) cookie. Let’s rethink some of the precepts: 1. Make new friends but keep the […]

Marketing Resources You Need to Check Out

I casually mentioned on Murder Must Advertise that I thought all of us would benefit by reading how self-published authors promote their work. After all, if you are self-published, you KNOW you have to make it on your own, often with limited resources. Here’s a list of sites and blogs I compiled. There’s a lot […]