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Twitter Directory

As some of you know, I twitter. The micro-blogging site is a great favorite of mine. To find me go to I use the site to share announcements about blog postings for the many blogs I participate in: Killer Hobbies (, this blog and my character’s blog ( I use it to post appearances, […]

Desire Paths, Part II

Last week I wrote about Desire Paths, those pathways that people create to get to what they love. I suggest you view the excellent presentation by Mike Arauz on this idea: The big question for authors is how can we create Desire Paths in a digital media age? How do we influence readers to […]

Tweet, Tweet, Tweet–and You Could Win a Big Box of Books!

Argh. Every day I open my email and think: I don’t have time for all this. I especially don’t have time to update my website, to check all the posts on all the list-serves I belong to, visit every online community I need to, and comment on everyone’s blog as I should. But I do […]