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The Teacher is Always the Student

We had a totally excellent “Getting Published” class last night at Lewis & Clark Community College. First of all, I love their Edwardsville campus at 700 Troy. It’s the conclave of brick buildings that I’ve been told was a former factory site. The classrooms are spacious, light and well-appointed. But what made the class really […]

Why You Need an Agent–and Query Letters that Worked–Part I

I promised to write about agents, so here I go. Let’s start with the four ways for getting an agent that I personally know work:* 1. Pitch an agent at a writers’ conference–meet the agent face-to-face and tell him/her about your book. SleuthFest is a great writers’ conference for this. So’s Crime Bake. Why? They […]

About Literary Agents.

Rick Frishman posted this interesting take on literary agents. Literary agents have emerged as the publishers’ gatekeepers. They are middlemen (and women), go-betweens and facilitators. Approximately 80 percent of the books that publishing houses release were brought to them by agents. Most publishing houses give agented submissions more attention because editors have a high level […]