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An Interview with Julie James: 'My Writing Process Is My Own'

My guest–Julie James. Note: Each year I conduct interviews with famous authors who will be guests at various conferences. Julie will be appearing at Love Is Murder, Feb. 3-5, 2011, in Chicago.) 1. Julie, you were an attorney before you went into writing novels full-time. What is it about training as an attorney that seems […]

Accept the Restrictions: An Interview with Donald Bain

Note: Donald Bain will be a featured author at the 2012 Love Is Murder Mystery Conference, Feb. 3-5 in Chicago.  I interviewed him for the LIM newsletter. 1. JCS–You are in the unusual position of writing in partnership with someone who doesn’t exist, Jessica Fletcher. Angela Lansbury told me that she was in your publisher’s […]

I'm a Researchaholic: An Interview with Joe Finder

Joe Finder will be appearing at the Love Is Murder Conference in Chicago, Feb. 4-6, 2011. For more information go to 1.Unlike most action oriented books, your settings are not exotic. Often the scariest scenes occur in office buildings. Many authors rely on dramatic settings. How do you manage to make such commonplace settings […]

Interview with Joan Johnston

Note: Joan Johnston is one of the authors who will be appearing at Love Is Murder, Feb. 4-6, 2011, in Chicago. 1. Joan, you are an incredibly prolific writer as well as a successful one. Tell us about your habits as an author. Can you share any tips for staying focused and productive? You’ve said […]

It's My Story, Damn It! — An Interview with F. Paul Wilson

F. Paul Wilson will be appearing at the Love Is Murder Conference, Feb. 4-6, in Chicago. 1. Paul, you’ve said you don’t believe in gore on the page. You prefer to make the gross/horrific stuff happen in the reader’s head. Would you tell us more about that and why it works so well? I tend […]

'This Isn't Personal'–Interview with Carolyn Haines

Note: Carolyn Haines will be one of the presenters at the Love is Murder Conference, Feb. 4-6 in Chicago. By Joanna Campbell Slan Sarah Booth and Jitty came to me in tandem, arguing just as they do in the books. When such fully developed characters visit a writer, it’s truly a gift. –Carolyn Haines JCS: […]

Prepping for Marketing Panel at Love Is Murder

Note: I haven’t forgotten to discuss other considerations about self-publishing…I’m just making a short detour here. I spent the day today getting ready to go up to Chicago for Love Is Murder, and I noticed something curious. I’m appearing on a marketing panel, and Morgan Mandel asked what sorts of marketing materials and activities we’d […]