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Crafts to Do When the Weather Outside Is Frightful

By Joanna Campbell Slan Snow, snow, snow. The weather report sounds like a broken record. As I write this, the Boston area is bracing for yet another blizzard-like blast, adding more flakes to the growing mountains of white fluff. Even though I now live in Florida, I remember those winter days “up yonder” when we […]

An Excerpt from Shotgun, Wedding, Bells

SHOTGUN,WEDDING, BELLS (Book #11 in the Kiki Lowenstein Mystery Series) By Joanna Campbell Slan   Chapter 1   Our wedding day dawned like a scene from a fairy tale. Frozen rain coated the freshly fallen snow. The glassy surface glistened like a million tiny diamonds. Icicles hanging from the eaves of our house formed natural […]

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

I’ve been re-reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s The Signature of All Things for the authors’ book club I belong to. The book was my choice. It’s almost guaranteed to spark a lively debate for many reasons. I find myself intrigued by the way that Alma, the main character, can find beauty and wonder in the world around her. […]

Excerpt from TEAR DOWN & DIE

Chapter 1 Early September… St. Louis, MO Sometimes you need to go backwards to move forwards. Especially when you doubt yourself and don’t know what to do next. All my packing was done. Boxes that would go into storage formed an untidy wall around me. “Where you moving to?” asked one of the men from […]


A Halloween Close Call A Kiki Lowenstein Novella By Joanna Campbell Slan   The entire novella will be free from Oct. 29 through Oct. 31 (Tuesday through Thursday). On those days ONLY, you’ll be able to “purchase” the novella at no cost. You can get your copy FREE on those days only by going to […]

Where Are the Paper Versions of the Kiki Books?

Last April, my longstanding publisher Midnight Ink decided to discontinue the Kiki Lowenstein Mystery Series. So I am now self-publishing the Kiki Lowenstein Mystery Series. I had self-published other books years ago, so this is will be fine…eventually…although there have been many changes since I founded “Spot On Publishing.” I had already mastered the mechanism […]

Monday's the Last Day to Get INK, RED, DEAD Absolutely Free!

An excerpt from Ink, Red, Dead, newly revised and expanded, by Joanna Campbell Slan. (Grab it before the price goes up to $9.99! Go to )   “You need a Diet Dr Pepper?” asked Dodie as she set one at my elbow.           “You read my mind,” I said.           “Whatever it is that’s […]