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Ink, Red, Dead Will Be Free for Three Days!

You can download Ink, Red, Dead for FREE from Oct. 5 thru 7 (Saturday through Monday) by going to  Here’s the deal: As long as you keep spread the word and tell your friends about my free offers, I’ll continue making my books available for FREE for a limited time!     An Excerpt from Ink, […]

Why Kiki Lowenstein LOVES Diet Dr Pepper

Years ago I attended a lecture by a bestselling author. I hadn’t published a book yet, so I took copious notes and committed his every word to memory. One of his pearls of wisdom was this scintillating thought: “Never align your character with a product you don’t like.” He went on to explain that he’d created a […]

Answers? I've Got a Few

QUESTION: When will Make, Take, Murder be available on Kindle or Nook? ANSWER: I have no idea. See, my publisher converts the files to a format that e-publisher can use. Then it’s up to the e-publishers (Amazon or Barnes & Noble) to post the books. (Feel free to bug Amazon and Barnes & Noble. And […]

A Halloween Close Call–A Kiki Lowenstein Novella

Need a Kiki fix? For less than a cup of coffee, you can read the most recent adventure of Kiki Lowenstein, “A Halloween Close Call.” Kiki Lowenstein is invited to a Halloween Party at Detective Chad Detweiler’s parents’ farm. But mysterious happenings around St. Louis have everyone on edge–and Kiki has a close encounter that […]

The Art of the Cliffhanger and a Contest!

Okay, I know some of you don’t like cliffhangers, but just so you know, I intend to keep writing books that sort of flow into each other. Someone once told me that the first sentence sells the current book but the last sentence sells the next one. I know that I simulaneously love and hate […]

Kiki Goes "Irish"– and You Get a Lucky Break!

Kiki has gone “Irish” for today! In honor of St. Patty’s Day, she has arranged a special deal with The Stamp Maven for any of Joanna’s readers who want to get a head start on crafting supplies for Easter and beyond. Any leprechaun who places a $50 order with Anne before midnight Friday, March 19 […]