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The Friday Night Mystery Club — A book 30 years in the making

I’m often asked, “How long does it take you to write a book?” The answer is, “Depends on the book.” The Friday Night Mystery Club took me thirty years. I don’t know why. I don’t have a good reason. No, that’s not entirely true. As I recall, I submitted it to my (then) agent, and […]


A Halloween Close Call A Kiki Lowenstein Novella By Joanna Campbell Slan   The entire novella will be free from Oct. 29 through Oct. 31 (Tuesday through Thursday). On those days ONLY, you’ll be able to “purchase” the novella at no cost. You can get your copy FREE on those days only by going to […]

Ink, Red, Dead Will Be Free for Three Days!

You can download Ink, Red, Dead for FREE from Oct. 5 thru 7 (Saturday through Monday) by going to  Here’s the deal: As long as you keep spread the word and tell your friends about my free offers, I’ll continue making my books available for FREE for a limited time!     An Excerpt from Ink, […]

Nancy Cohen's Social Networking Tips.

Over the years, I’ve met a lot of savvy marketers in this business. Right at the top of the list is Nancy Cohen. She’s also a terrific teacher with a knack for breaking down information into useful chunks. Last Saturday, I listened to her lecture at the Florida Mystery Writers Association meeting, and I wanted […]

Check Out the 5 Star Reviews Photo, Snap, Shot is Getting at Amazon!

Here’s what two reviewers have to say about Photo, Snap, Shot— Love,love, love this third book in the series of Murder Mysteries about Hard working single mom Kiki Lowenstein. Even if you don’t find yourself to be a crafter you will really enjoy this book. ** This book may be classified as a cozy mystery, […]

Bits and Pieces for Friday

Here’s a round-up of information, ideas, quotes and trends you’ll want to explore: 1. Trade Paperbacks Surge in Popularity A mass market paperback is one of those smaller paperbacks like you buy in a drugstore. A trade paperback is larger, maybe 5 x 7 inches or 6 x 8, inches and it’s almost a […]

Kirkus to Close?

This just in at the PW website: As part of the sale of its business to business publications, Nielsen Business Media has announced that it is closing its book review publication Kirkus Reviews as well as Editor & Publisher. No details on the closing have been released yet. Nielsen is selling its major publications, including […]

Marketing Lessons from Girl Scouting

Remember Girl Scouts? Thinking back on it, I believe that Juliette Gordon Lowe was actually creating a marketing organization, designed to promote the idea of good self-esteem to young women. She was a remarkable woman, and obviously a smart (Girl Scout) cookie. Let’s rethink some of the precepts: 1. Make new friends but keep the […]