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Here’s what Amy Alessio wrote for about Photo, Snap, Shot: “The plot is intricate and fascinating. Real history is intertwined with fiction to make a layered, believable adventure. There is nothing cute about this cozy mystery…Instead, readers will find realistic characters and plenty of tension to keep pages turning right until the end. Award-nominated […]

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Here’s what two reviewers have to say about Photo, Snap, Shot— Love,love, love this third book in the series of Murder Mysteries about Hard working single mom Kiki Lowenstein. Even if you don’t find yourself to be a crafter you will really enjoy this book. ** This book may be classified as a cozy mystery, […]

Kirkus to Close?

This just in at the PW website: As part of the sale of its business to business publications, Nielsen Business Media has announced that it is closing its book review publication Kirkus Reviews as well as Editor & Publisher. No details on the closing have been released yet. Nielsen is selling its major publications, including […]