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How to Protect Your Library–Books Are Meant to be Loved

Reading to my dogs. Note the “red eyes.” Sigh. Am I really demonic? In this Sunday’s New York Times, someone wrote into the Social Q’s column with a question that illustrates life as we know it. Seems that “Anonymous in Vermont” had a calamity during the annual Christmas party. Thirty adults and 30 kids were in attendance. Unfortunately, […]

Bits and Pieces for Friday

Here’s a round-up of information, ideas, quotes and trends you’ll want to explore: 1. Trade Paperbacks Surge in Popularity A mass market paperback is one of those smaller paperbacks like you buy in a drugstore. A trade paperback is larger, maybe 5 x 7 inches or 6 x 8, inches and it’s almost a […]

He's Joe the PLUMBER, Not Joe the AUTHOR

Here’s a great editorial by Timothy Egan. True, there are all sorts of people whose lives are fascinating, whose thoughts deserved to be shared, and who are NOT by trade writers. But…I seriously take exception with the idea that every book by a minor celebrity deserves to be published. Egan’s opinion piece is about […]