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More Links to Murder and Mayhem in Muskego

Murder and Mayhem in Muskego – Beyond Her Book – Blog on …The afternoon began with a non-stop comedic affair with Joanna Slan Campbell, Denise Swanson, Shirley Dammsgaard, Julie Hyzy and Deb Baker as they discussed who they like to kill, where and how. Kudos to Tom Schreck for facillitating …Publishers Weekly – Beyond Her […]

What Published Authors Do That Non-Published Authors Won't

In a few minutes, I’ll leave to teach a class called “The Practical Guide to Getting Published.” I’m all prepared except for changing out of my jeans. I have this nifty 14-page handout with all sorts of resources, and I have tons of stories. I tell all my students this: “You might not like what […]

Ten Honest Scraps about Myself

We’ll see if this works. I’m on the computer that hates AOL and likes to freeze up, but here goes… Gwyn Ramsey sent me this–and challenged me to come up with ten honest “scraps” about myself: Honest Scrap AwardI’ve received the Honest Scrap Award from a blogging friend who has asked me to share with […]

Kingsport (TN) Times Women's Expo

Whew. I rolled in last night after being on the road eleven straight hours. I’m dizzy, ditzy and tired today after attending my first Kingsport (TN) Times Women’s Expo. (Thanks again to my gal-pal and BFF Shirley Damsgaard who helped wrangle me an invite!) On Friday, I gave a humorous speech to kick off the […]

When Your Book Is Out, the Work Begins

Say It Isn’t So “I thought you were done after you wrote the book,” said the young woman standing beside me at the presentation by p.m. terrell, author of Taking the Mystery Out of Promoting Your Book. (Learn more about Patricia at I was standing next to my pal Angie Fox–that’s Angie on the […]