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When a Man Comes to the Door with Pizza …Excerpt from Second Chance at Faith

In Second Chance at Faith: Book #4 in the Second Chance Series, Cara’s friends all tell her that she needs to “get out there” to find a guy. Honora even goes so far as to say, “A man isn’t going to come to the door, Cara.” But maybe Honora is wrong… EXCERPT When the driver […]

25 Reasons to Love Audiobooks

(And how to make them more affordable once you do fall in love with them.) 1. You can listen to an audiobook while you fold clothes. 2. You can learn how to correctly pronounce words from audiobooks. 3. No one knows what you’re listening to, so you can choose your genre/book title without embarrassment. 4. […]

A Lesson in Living Mindfully: Right here. Right now.

By Joanna Campbell Slan The Friday after Thanksgiving kicks off the selling season for all sorts of merchants. Pianos are no exception. My husband couldn’t leave his music store to travel with me to Florida, where my mother and two sisters lived. To be honest, I couldn’t take time off. Not really. I was working […]

Update on my life late August 2018

Hi, My Sweeties— I’m feeling swamped. Sigh. As always. But here goes… 1. I’m working on The Best of British Scrapbooking and Cardmaking to get it ready to re-publish. It’s not up yet on Amazon, because we still have some formatting issues, but when it’s up, I’d appreciate you posting a review. 2. I had […]

The Revenge of AOL/Lessons I learned about my computer

By Joanna Campbell Slan As with most crises, this one began simply enough. My AOL inbox showed 20,000+ messages. The number had built up over time. In a surge of energy, I decided to clean out the inbox. Four hours later, I’d winnowed the mess down to 3,000+ emails. Some of you might have even gotten […]

Meet Maria Grazia Swan–and win one of her books!

Note: Once a month, I’ll introduce you to one of my author friends, and we’ll give away one digital copy of the author’s books. This month’s guest is Maria Grazia Swan. Website: Facebook info: Name of your series: Mina’s Adventures One line that describes your series: Name of most recent book: Sniffing Out […]


Get an enhanced version of PAPER, SCISSORS, DEATH for only 99 cents on 8/23/2017 (Wed.) and 8/24/2017 (Thurs.) only!…/…/ And here’s a short version:  Why not “gift” a copy to a friend? Don’t you know someone who could use a little Kiki in her life? You like paper? We’ve got paper for you! Go […]

Meet Diane Weiner

This is the second in a new newsletter series. I’ll be introducing you to my author friends. Want to win one of Diane’s books? Be sure to comment. On 8/22 (next Tuesday), I’ll use the random number generator to choose one lucky commenter to win one of Diane’s books.  Diane Weiner writes the Susan Wiles […]

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