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I’m not finished with my coloring page…and that’s OK

Today is Monday, August 14, the day we’re supposed to share our coloring pages. Only I’m not finished. That’s important. Let me tell you why… Yesterday at noon, I realized I hadn’t finished my coloring page. I panicked. I was in the middle of working on my dollhouse. I was enjoying every minute. Then I […]

Six Tips to Improve Your Coloring

By Joanna Campbell Slan Although it seems like a fad, coloring was first prescribed by Carl Jung as part of his therapeutic regime for adults. For years now, therapists have suggested using coloring books as a way for adults to self-sooth. One theory is that the smell of the crayons reminds us of happier times and […]

Meet Julie Seedorf…

Joanna’s note: This is the first of a new feature. Each month I hope to introduce my readers to my author friends. Name: Julie Seedorf Website: Facebook info: Name of your series: The Fuchsia Minnesota Series and The Brilliant Minnesota Series One line that describes your series: Mystery and mayhem in a wildly […]

How I Became a Knotty Girl

After my surgery, I decided to take up miniature rug making. But I had a few problems, so I decided to email the “Queen of French Knots” herself,  Teresa Layman. Check out her Etsy page here: Teresa Layman And this is Teresa’s response to my many questions: Woohoo —  another Knotty girl! First, I would suggest that […]

The Bee's Knees–Facts about Bee Swarms

by Joanna Campbell Slan I couldn’t let my “bee encounter” buzz by without doing a wee bee research activity. Here’s what I learned: The bees that are dying are domestic honeybees, commercially raised. The colonies are collapsing. African bees are mating with wild honeybees, creating a more aggressive strain. By looking at them, a bee […]

Sweethearts–A Miniature Shop for Lovers

Around Valentine’s Day I felt absolutely compelled to create a miniature shop of all things heart-shaped. But I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. Here’s what I wound up with… The shell of the shop was a paper mache “hatbox.” I cut out the front door, covered it in black and white Contact […]

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