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How I Write a Short Story, Part IV

To review:   I have these elements…a time frame (St. Patrick’s Day), interesting factoids (people actually DO make their own luck to some extent), a conflict (Clancy hates St. Patrick’s Day), and a mystery (why? because it’s the day her husband left her). I need some activities (Kiki’s crafts–I’ll have to come up with these), and […]

Writing a Book In A Week–Can It Be Done?

Twice a year, my friends at RWA put together an experience that they call “BIAW.” That’s short for Book In A Week. Last time I participated, I wrote more than 22,000 words that week. My friend Beverly Bateman was the word-wrangler, and bless her heart, she kept cheering me on. After the first day, she […]

Tools for Overcoming Writer's Block

Last night I posted 15 essays on writing at www.youpublish.com/joannaslan These were originally monthly columns for an online magazine called “Graceful Bee,” but I’m now making them available for a short time for anyone who needs a gentle boost to get writing. Although written for scrapbookers, the ideas and concepts could inspire any writer. Often, […]

Living a Deeply Satisfying Life

Took a quiz on BlogThings, and “discovered” this: Your Life is Deeply Satisfying You live a satisfying life even when it’s not easy. You are dedicated to being happy.You make sure to what you’re passionate about. You don’t waste any moments.You surround yourself with people you cherish. There is a lot of love in your […]

The Thrill is Gone–Mary Buckham Explains Why Outlining Can Feel Like a Drag!

Mary Buckham was in town a couple of weeks ago. If you haven’t met her, or had the pleasure and privilege of taking one of her classes, well, POOR YOU! She’s just super. A giving and generous teacher who will keep working with you ’til you get what you need. (And I’ve taught, so I […]