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Answers? I've Got a Few

QUESTION: When will Make, Take, Murder be available on Kindle or Nook? ANSWER: I have no idea. See, my publisher converts the files to a format that e-publisher can use. Then it’s up to the e-publishers (Amazon or Barnes & Noble) to post the books. (Feel free to bug Amazon and Barnes & Noble. And […]

He Beat Her Regularly–and No One Said a Word

Some stories stick with you a long, long time. Twenty years ago, a friend named Rob recounted a horrifying scene that he had witnessed at a local country club. Rob was seated where he could observe a group of members who had been drinking heavily. One of them, a prominent local man, grabbed his wife […]

The Art of the Cliffhanger and a Contest!

Okay, I know some of you don’t like cliffhangers, but just so you know, I intend to keep writing books that sort of flow into each other. Someone once told me that the first sentence sells the current book but the last sentence sells the next one. I know that I simulaneously love and hate […]