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Report on the Digital State of the Book Nation

Gordon Burgett is a publishing industry sage. Here’s a link to his discussion of a report on the future of digital publishing. An important point–the report notes that any digital product will be able to stay current, because it can be updated quickly and easily. But, a print product will become dated. This is […]

Upcoming and Incoming–Stuff I'm Doing and Thinking

* Listen in, please! I’ll be Sylvia Dicky Smith’s featured guest on Murder She Writes today at 5 p.m. CDT. You can listen in at I hope to talk some about promotions as well as my new book. * Welcome new subscribers! My Constant Contact list grew by 62 names this month. Why? I […]

Listening Can Yield Terrific Marketing Ideas–Here's How

We all know people get nervous when they get up to speak. Shoot, I worked as a professional speaker, and I can tell you that even the highly paid pro’s get wobbly knees. But often in our unguarded moments, truths are shared. Here’s the intro I received a couple days ago–and remember, the protagonist in […]

Do You Judge a Book by Its Cover?

I sure do. When my acquiring editor Barbara Moore asked me for cover input, I said, “Please tell the artist to go look around in Archivers. I know there’s one close to your office. He’ll get a strong sense of what’s au courant in scrapbooking. I’d really like my book to be a true reflection […]

Is There a Virtual Book Signing in Your Future?

Virtual book signings offer a way to sell books, visit fans, and spread the word about your work from the comfort of your home. What is a virtual book signing? It can be as elaborate or simple as you wish. You will “visit” a venue through the magic of your phone or the Internet. You […]