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The Further Adventures of Kiki Lowenstein, Volume #4: Short Stories that Accompany the Kiki Lowenstein Mystery Series

 Series: The Further Adventures of Kiki Lowenstein  Author: Joanna Campbell Slan  Category: The Further Adventures of Kiki Lowenstein  Publisher: Spot On Publishing  ASIN: B087PLFRVW  Amazon

The Further Adventures of Kiki Lowenstein: Volume 4 offers up three more quick reads in a series featuring Kiki Lowenstein, your new best friend. This spunky single mom uses her many talents to bring joy into the lives of her readers!!

Story 8: The TP Caper — When two teenagers have a falling out, their mothers clash. Is it possible that a spurned girl’s revenge has gone too far? Kiki does her best to encourage the women to “chill out.” She even throws cold water on their heated argument. But that might not be enough.

Story 9: The Treasure Map – It’s a doggone shame that a young divorcée is stuck in a dead-end job. So she enlists Kiki’s help and maps her way to love.

Story 10: The Penny Pincher –Beaten down by her husband’s cruel comments, a customer throws up her hands and prepares to give up the hobbies she loves. But Kiki isn’t about to let a miserly husband ruin his wife’s attempt at crafting her way to creative freedom. There’s more to life than pinching pennies.

These three stories total more than 12,000 words of reading pleasure. Although these are stand-alone stories, to avoid spoilers, you might want to check out the entire list of Kiki Lowenstein books and short stories in order. Go to

BONUS GIFT: A FREE Coloring Book. Adult coloring is a craze—and Kiki totally approves of it! Why not print out these pages, grab some crayons and relax?

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