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The Further Adventures of Kiki Lowenstein, Volume #11: Short Stories that Accompany the Kiki Lowenstein Mystery Series

 Series: The Further Adventures of Kiki Lowenstein  Author: Joanna Campbell Slan  Category: The Further Adventures of Kiki Lowenstein  Publisher: Spot On Publishing  Amazon

The Further Adventures of Kiki Lowenstein: Volume 11

stars Kiki Lowenstein, a spunky animal lover, crafter, and friend. This is perfect for fans who love reading good, clean traditional mysteries with social relevance.

Story 20: The Purple Passion – A customer begs Kiki for help when her daughter is accused of sending sexually explicit texts to classmates at a snotty private school. Kiki understands how dire the situation is—and she fully believes the girl is innocent. But how can she prove it? Kiki promises to snoop around rather than let an innocent girl’s reputation be tarnished.

This is a long “short read” at more than 17,000 words. Although this is a stand-alone story, you might want to check out the entire list of Kiki Lowenstein books and short stories in order. Go to

BONUS GIFT: A FREE Coloring Book. Adult coloring is a craze—and Kiki totally approves of it! Why not print out these pages, grab some crayons and relax?

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