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Death of a Gentleman: Book #4 in the Jane Eyre Chronicles

 Series: Jane Eyre Chronicles  Author: Joanna Campbell Slan  Category: Jane Eyre Chronicles  Publisher: Spot On Publishing  Published: June 13, 2022  ASIN: B0B1B7JFGM  Amazon

Death of a Gentleman: Book #4 in The Jane Eyre Chronicles

A weekend at a squire’s country home was intended to be a relaxing visit for Jane Eyre and her husband Edward Rochester. Jane looked forward to meeting the squire’s bride and the artist who’d been hired to paint portraits of the newlyweds. However, the household is anything but joyous! The squire’s new marriage has infuriated those who hoped to inherit his holdings. Then their host turns up dead. A tweeny—a maid who assisted both the Cook and the housemaids—is immediately blamed for the crime. The girl is an easy scapegoat, but Jane and Edward refuse to believe she killed her master, the kind man who took her off the streets of London and gave her a job. Can the Rochesters find the real killer? Or can they at least save the tweeny from a gruesome fate? Jane Eyre is not about to let an innocent, friendless girl be hanged for murder!

This exciting book is the fourth in a series featuring Charlotte Brontë’s timeless heroine, Jane Eyre, and is a continuation of the series beginning with the winner of the prestigious Daphe du Maurier Award of Excellence, Death of a Schoolgirl. If you like history plus mysteries solved by a plucky heroine, you will love The Jane Eyre Chronicles. Immerse yourself in an English classic with a puzzling twist. Hit the “BUY NOW” button today.

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