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Death of a Schoolgirl: Book #1 in the Jane Eyre Chronicles 

 Series: Jane Eyre Chronicles  Author: Joanna Campbell Slan  Category: Jane Eyre Chronicles  Publisher: Spot On Publishing  Published: August 1, 2019  ASIN: B07RT2DQ46  Amazon

Charlotte Bronte’s Classic Strong-Willed Heroine Lives On


She answered a child’s cry for help. She never expected to uncover a murder and unlock secrets a king wants to keep…

Yorkshire, 1820. Happily married to a country squire and the mother of a young son, Jane Eyre Rochester enjoys an enviable life, one that as an orphan, she could have never dreamed would come true. But when a cryptic letter from her former student arrives — the writer begs for help — Jane will risk everything to save the life of an innocent child.

A frantic trip to London is fraught with danger, as Jane is robbed at knife-point. But Jane Eyre is nothing if not courageous. She arrives at the pricy girls’ school in time to see a dead body removed from the premises. Now Jane must race against the clock to prevent another child from dying. When her identity is mistaken for that of an errant German teacher, Jane decides to go undercover in this house of horrors. Once inside the school, Jane’s worst suspicions are confirmed. A killer roams the halls and targets young girls. Each hour that passes puts another child’s life on the line and Jane can only keep her identity secret for a little longer…

Can Jane track down the killer and convince the local authorities to lock up this cunning murderer? Or will Jane forfeit her reputation, the family diamonds, her health, and maybe even her life on what might be a fool’s errand?

Death of a Schoolgirl is the critically acclaimed winner of the Daphne du Maurier Award for Literary Excellence. It is the first novel in the Jane Eyre Chronicles, a historical romantic mystery series. If you like classic stories, spunky heroines, thought-provoking social issues, little-known historical facts, and books that leave you feeling glad you read them, you’ll adore Joanna Campbell Slan’s captivating tale.

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