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Death of a Dowager: Book #2 in the Jane Eyre Chronicles 

 Series: Jane Eyre Chronicles  Author: Joanna Campbell Slan  Category: Jane Eyre Chronicles  Publisher: Spot On Publishing  Published: October 14, 2019  ASIN: B07VNBYRS9  Tags: The Jane Eyre Chronicles |  Amazon

The Second Book in the Critically Acclaimed Historical Mystery Series Featuring Jane Eyre as an Amateur Sleuth. When her husband’s damaged vision grows worse, Jane Eyre Rochester suggests a trip to an ocular specialist in London. But a night at the opera changes everything! And what seemed like a healing journey becomes a deadly puzzle that Jane must solve if she wants to protect those she loves.

London, early 1800s — With extensive repairs being made to Ferndean, the rural home of the Rochesters, Jane and her husband accept an invitation from a friend to stay with her in London. Jane is reluctant to abandon their peaceful home in the countryside, but her husband’s damaged vision has grown worse—and so have his feelings of depression. Jane hopes that time spent in the nation’s bustling capital will buoy his spirits and give him the chance to receive treatment from a specialist.

Once in London, the Rochesters accompany their friend to the Italian Opera House. However, is more drama in the audience than on the stage! Jane not only unexpectedly finds herself in the presence of the King, she also comes face-to-face with an old nemesis, a dowager who once hoped her daughter would marry the man who is now Jane’s husband. Not surprisingly, the aging dowager deals Jane a very public snub. Hoping to mitigate the damages, Jane makes a social visit to the dowager’s house, only to have the elderly woman drop dead while taking tea! It’s clear the dowager’s death was an unnatural one, and Jane must set her considerable intelligence to the problems of solving the crime…and then a summons from King George IV himself puts Jane squarely in the midst of a battle for the English throne—and the religious freedom of a nation!

Death of a Dowger is the critically acclaimed second novel in The Jane Eyre Chronicles. If you like intelligent female characters, a dash of interesting but little-known history, and intense emotions in a historical setting, you’ll fall in love with Joanna Campbell Slan’s captivating tale.

Buy Death of a Dowager today, and escape to another time and another place with characters you’ll cheer.

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