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GURDELL– a new Zentangle tangle!

I’ve been playing around with my tangles a lot lately, probably because I’m inspired by Eni Oken’s classes. I saw a print on a pillow and that led me to deconstruction of the design. Deconstruction means taking an image apart and figuring out how to replicate it. Actually, here are the steps: Look at the […]

There’s an Alien in the Trash Can–My Halloween Project

Every year for the past three years, I’ve entered the HBS Halloween Miniature Challenge. I’ve won first and second places. My entry this year is http://wshe.es/sXecJmuo and you can vote on it from Oct. 26-30, 2020. This summer, I started work on my 2020 project. I decided it would be all recycled and handmade. Let […]

How I Became a Knotty Girl

After my surgery, I decided to take up miniature rug making. But I had a few problems, so I decided to email the “Queen of French Knots” herself,  Teresa Layman. Check out her Etsy page here: Teresa Layman And this is Teresa’s response to my many questions: Woohoo —  another Knotty girl! First, I would suggest that […]

How to Make Paper Beads, Part II

Now that you have a plethora of long, skinny triangles, it’s time to make your beads. For the next step, you’ll need: 1.  A lot of wooden toothpicks or skewers. They have to be ROUND, not squarish. These will be used as spindles. You’ll wrap your paper beads around the toothpicks to shape them. 2. A block of […]

How to Create Inchies — and What to Do With Them When You're Done!

In my newest Kiki Lowenstein short story, she runs short of craft supplies and ideas. But Kiki never fails her customers, so she came up with a wonderful “make and take” project–inchies! Inchies are one inch by one inch pieces of original art. Typically they are collage art, but that’s not always the case. What’s so […]

How to Turn One Plastic Baggy into Three Baggies

Sometimes I don’t want to waste an entire plastic baggy on a small amount of stuff. But I still want to separate out my small crafting items. I’ve learned a simple way to divide one baggy into multiples. Time it takes: Shoot, how do I know? (Okay…) About five minutes or less. Supplies: * “ziplock” […]