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Great Review for Cut, Crop & Die

Here’s the process for handling a book review– Fasten your seatbelt. Say some prayers. Remember it’s just one person’s opinion. Remind yourself that Tess Gerritsen said that one of her books that sold the most copies got the worst reviews. Think back to when Joe Konrath told you, “Only worry about the things you can […]

Travels with Joe: What It's Like to Follow J.A. Konrath Around for a Day Visiting Booksellers

Despite the fact he was recovering from the stomach flu, Joe (aka JA) Konrath made it clear we’d hit the ground here in St. Louis with my SUV tires spinning. We managed to visit 11 bookstores and one library in six hours. (I think…I have to admit my head was spinning almost as much as […]

Building a Platform

“I’ve been frantically researching what it means to build an author’s platform, what appears to be the key factor in breaking into the market these days…I’m starting to think publicly about my writing instead of privately.” That’s from an email I recently received. What is a platform? It’s the audience an author can bring to […]