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Travels with Joe: What It's Like to Follow J.A. Konrath Around for a Day Visiting Booksellers

Despite the fact he was recovering from the stomach flu, Joe (aka JA) Konrath made it clear we’d hit the ground here in St. Louis with my SUV tires spinning. We managed to visit 11 bookstores and one library in six hours. (I think…I have to admit my head was spinning almost as much as […]

Missing: A Mysterious Gathering of Tales

by Amy Alessio What a treat to blog on this site. I really enjoyed Joanna’s mystery and love to make scrapbook cookbooks for folks. (I’m a cookbook junkie: http://vintagecookbooks.blogspot.com) It’s an even bigger privilege to write about Missing: A Mysterious Gathering of Tales. In 2007, Echelon Press President Karen Syed asked me to contribute a […]