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Scrapper's Block…and the Page for Malice

I read in one of the scrapbooking magazines that the one color that scrapbookers found to be the one they shun is…PURPLE. This intrigued me. I love purple. In fact, I love all colors. Why would this one be so readily avoided? I wondered. Then I saw my new book cover–purple and pink. Hmmm. Kevin […]

One Template Makes Lots of Cool Layouts

People often tell me they aren’t crafty or creative. “I just can’t come up with ideas!” they’ll moan. Here’s the truth: Every craft idea is built upon another idea you glean from somewhere else. My favorite crafting these days is to take one layout, one design, and recycle the stuffing out of it. For example, […]

Missing: A Mysterious Gathering of Tales

by Amy Alessio What a treat to blog on this site. I really enjoyed Joanna’s mystery and love to make scrapbook cookbooks for folks. (I’m a cookbook junkie: It’s an even bigger privilege to write about Missing: A Mysterious Gathering of Tales. In 2007, Echelon Press President Karen Syed asked me to contribute a […]

Live from a Scrapbook Crop

Ever wonder what women actually DO at scrapbook crops? Here’s a live broadcast from one I attended last night: Yep, it’s really all that much fun! You can hear the women cheering in the background. Smell the food. (All the best crops have loads of fun, food and prizes.) And hear why women are […]

De-Stress for the Holidays, Part V

Note: Last year I asked my scrapbooking friends to share how they de-stress during the holidays. The responses were AMAZING. This is the fifth and final “de-stress” email for this season. Isn’t it lovely?–Joanna One of the big things my husband and I had in common was our love for Christmas, and we always always […]