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How to Edit Your Work

The ability to edit your own work is incredibly important. For obvious reasons, editors prefer authors who can turn in clean copy. Beyond lightening an editor’s workload, there are other reasons that you need to be good at editing–it’s your name on the book! Over the years I’ve picked up great ideas for editing. Here’s […]

What to Do When You Get Stuck While Writing Your Book

By Joanna Campbell Slan When folks complain of “writer’s block,” they’re often complaining that they’ve gotten stuck. Or that they just don’t know what to write next. That can happen to any of us. Maybe you know how your book will begin. You might also know how it ends. But what will you do to […]

Improve Your Sequencing To Improve Your Writing

This morning I heard a radio commercial about a pair of work gloves. The announcer explained that these were “more abrasion and tear resistant than leather.” I was left wondering, “Does he mean the surface of the gloves is abrasive?” I doubt that. I suspect he meant that the surface of the gloves was “more resistant to tears and abrasion than […]