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Why You REALLY Need to Get Your Sleep

A special post for Tune Up Tuesday
By Sally Lippert

How many hours do you need to sleep in order to function?

Are you a nap taker?

As we all know, lives are so busy these days that the one area from which we steal time from is our sleep.

There are many reasons that sleep gets disrupted: You may be a new parent, have a sick child, sick pet, or you yourself may be sick. Or perhaps you can’t turn your brain off. You lie awake thinking of all the things you need to do.

But don’t fool yourself…you really, really do need a good night’s sleep. Most people need at least eight hours.

Sleep deprivation can cause all sorts of health issues e.g. weight gain, problems driving (1 in 5 car crashes are related to fatigue), higher stress levels, brain fog, and lower immunity.

Most of you might not know that Joanna’s sister Jane is a Registered Sleep Technologist. Her job is to monitor people as they sleep. I have learned so much from her about the necessity of healthful sleep.

We spend a third of our lives sleeping–and yet most of us spend too little time creating a helpful sleep environment. That includes owning a good mattress, purchasing comfy bedding, and replacing our pillows frequently. All light sources should be covered, making the room as dark as possible. The temperature in your bedroom should ideally be 68 degrees.

Of course, it gets complicated if your sleeping partner has different needs than yourself. My guy likes lots of heavy covers and I only want a sheet. (Never seemed to have gotten past those menopause nights!)

A lack of “good” sleep takes its toll on all of your body–especially if you go without for very long.
Jane’s website Sleep Compass is a great resource, full of useful suggestions for helping you get a sound night’s sleep.

I wish all of you “sweet dreams,” and a good night’s sleep.

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