Why I’ve Changed My Thoughts about Recycling Glass

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A friend who is in the waste management business gave me some tips about recycling. I was astonished to hear that glass is of very little value and might not even get recycled at all, even if you put it in the bin. That got me thinking about new ways I can use glass bottles. Maybe you’ll want to do the same?

Here’s a list of cool ideas: IDEAS

I’m constantly finding glass bottles on the beach. Here’s an example of how I reused a bottle I found.


Upcycled Glass Bottle

All it took was a bit of twine, a flat rock, a seashell and my trusty glue gun.

I’d like to encourage more of you to find interesting ways to reuse glass bottles. Toward that end, I’m giving away a bottle cutter.

Enter to win here http://gvwy.io/neeu0s3

Here’s the link to enter to win it: CUTTER   The contest ends May 31, 2018.


One thought on “Why I’ve Changed My Thoughts about Recycling Glass

  1. My Dad used to create fascinating and sometimes even useful things from old glass containers. Maybe I should do a bit more creative with my old blue bottles then put them in the kitchen window!!!

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