Happy Valentine's Day! (I'm Feeling the Love!)

Hi Joanna,
I just wanted you to know that I was so excited to find
out my copy of Shotgun, Wedding, Bells was waiting for me on my kindle when
I went to bed. I had to read “just a little bit.” I am now
starting chapter 45 and forcing myself to stop reading (it is after 1am)
but man oh man that is a tough thing to do! The book is WONDERFUL! It is by
far your best Kiki story ever! I know it is full of tragic circumstances,
but I am totally spellbound and feel like I am in the room with Kiki. You
ROCK Joanna! Fantastic job. I will have to wait to finish it in the
morning, but I couldn’t wait to tell you how great it is and thank you for
writing it. Big hug to you! Happy Valentine’s day to a fantastic author and
someone who feels like a friend. I can’t wait to finish the book!
Barbara Hackel


Crafts to Do When the Weather Outside Is Frightful

By Joanna Campbell

Snow, snow, snow. The weather report sounds like a broken
record. As I write this, the Boston area is bracing for yet another blizzard-like blast,
adding more flakes to the growing mountains of white fluff.
Even though I now live in Florida, I remember those winter days “up yonder” when we could get out
the front door because the snow was piled up high.  I can still hear the sound of a snow shovel scraping the concrete of our walk. My nose prickles to the smell of the diesel fumes that wafted
over the neighborhood as husbands vroom-vroomed from behind their snow blowers.
And I’ll never forget how my son would send up a cheer at the words, “Snow day!” Meanwhile, I would groan,
wondering, “How am I going to keep him busy?”
So I used these memories in my newest book

An Excerpt from Shotgun, Wedding, Bells

#11 in the Kiki Lowenstein Mystery Series)


Campbell Slan


Chapter 1


Our wedding day dawned like a scene from a fairy
tale. Frozen rain coated the freshly fallen snow. The glassy surface glistened
like a million tiny diamonds. Icicles hanging from the eaves of our house
formed natural prisms, casting rainbows across the blanket of white. Sunlight
transformed the long dead banks of mums into mounds, like glittering pillows
under a white duvet. The scene before us was beautiful, but treacherously
slick. This overnight winter storm had paralyzed travel throughout the St.
Louis area. All the salt and sand we’d tossed down on the walkways hadn’t done
much good.

Our friend Detective Stan Hadcho guided me along the
flagstones, by means of a good grip on my elbow. He escorted me from the back
door of our house to the gazebo. As we walked, Leighton Haversham, our former
landlord and dear friend, snapped photos so I could make a memory album. That’s
what I do. I’m a scrapbooker and owner of a store called Time in a Bottle.

At the stairs to the gazebo, I stared up into the
smiling faces of the people so dear to me: my newly adopted son, Erik; my
daughter, Anya; Erik’s aunt, Lorraine Lauber; our nanny, Bronwyn Macavity; my

Excerpt from Shotgun, Wedding, Bells (Kiki Lowenstein #11)

Excerpt from
(Book #11 in the Kiki Lowenstein
Mystery Series)
By Joanna Campbell Slan
Chandler Louis Detweiler took my hand and helped me up the last step of the
gazebo. Standing side-by-side, we faced the minister, our friend Lorraine. I
loved feeling of his shoulder against mine, strong and solid, a reminder of the
way we intended to live our lives.
too bad for a wedding thrown together in forty-eight hours,” he whispered
in my ear.
He was
right. I hadn’t had much time to plan our wedding, although I had been planning
to marry Chad Detweiler ever since I met him nearly three years ago. I kept
telling myself that the ceremony was only a formality, but deep down, I wanted
to wear a wedding band again. And even if the marriage didn’t matter to us