8 thoughts on “Cara Mia Delgatto and the Protector, Conclusion

  1. I wonder if Jodi will recover and resume her nasty ways? She seems like a character that won't leave docilely. I think since Cara had talked things through with her grandfather the fight with Jodi should be over…however I bet she will come back and make Cara's life miserable again.
    Loved the crab as a protector-but I was rooting for Jack to get out of the house and show what a "big" guy he is. 🙂
    Thanks for another fun serialized story Joanna!

  2. Loved it!!! Crab to the rescue! Can't wait until we find out in the next book/serial what that despicable Jodi will be up to!

  3. The ending was such a surprise, loved it, But I have a feeling Jodi will be back, she seems like the kind that just can not let go and live. None of this was Cara's fault!

  4. That ending was certainly a surprise! I saved all five segments for reading tonight. It made for a lovely holiday activity. Thanks so much for another wonderful story.

  5. Certainly the story has only begun. Jodi will be back, won't she? Thank you Joanna for a very pleasant read. You are a gift!