A Crafty Treat for Dogs

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I love owning Bichons. My groomer, Pam, says that Bichons are the only breed capable of real love. (Don’t throw things at me! I’m quoting her!)
But Bichons are also prone to a variety of problems, and poor teeth are right up there at the top of the list. They are also very emotionally sensitive. Leaving them behind really makes them upset.
To combat both problems, I’ve come up with this treat. Using Easy Cheese (otherwise know as Cheese Whiz), I squirt a little of the cheesy goo into a Kong, a rubber treat that’s red and reminds me of the Michelin Man.
After I’ve filled all my Kongs (I keep four of them on hand), I pop them into a zipper top plastic bag. These go into the freezer.

Why are these such a great idea? First of all, gnawing on the Kong helps remove dental plaque. Second, because the treat is frozen inside, it takes a long time for Rafferty to get to the good stuff. And third, there’s a small amount of treat per Kong, so it doesn’t upset his tummy or add inches to his svelte waist line. Best of all, I can give one to Raffi when I leave the house so he’s busy and happy while I’m gone.

I love the convenience of reaching into the bag, grabbing a cold Kong, and sharing it with my pet. Let me know if your dog enjoys this, too!

4 thoughts on “A Crafty Treat for Dogs

  1. Kongs are my life savers – we have a 2yr old Portuguese Water Dog, named Maggie, who enjoys a frozen Kong, stuffed with left over chicken, or peanut butter, or turkey lunchmeat, cheese or even liverwurst. We have a routine that she "let's" me get ready for work in the morning -as long as she has her daily Kong! 🙂 I also keep them on hand (in the freezer) in case of a thunder storm. They keep her busy and she is less worried about the thunder. I've heard of people filling them with their dog's wet dog food, as a good way to give them a healthy activity too! Gotta love those Kongs!

  2. It's frozen peanut butter kongs for our beagles. But I like the cheese idea for variety.