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A Visit to A.C. Moore

We spent the night last night in Columbia, SC, and as we drove to our motel which was on Columbiana, we passed an A.C. Moore store.

Wow. Was that bashert (Hebrew for “fated” or “meant to be”) or what?

So this morning my son’s girlfriend Emily and I went there to do a little vacation shopping while the guys, my son Michael and husband David, gassed up and got coffee for us all.

I loved the store. What a super, super selection they had of clear stamps, paper package, and lots and lots of lovely embellishments. What I really wanted to buy was some of the new laser paper, but our SUV was packed pretty tightly, and I thought it would get wrinkled. Instead, I stocked up on colored pens, a clear stamp from the Hannah Montana collection (wanted to use the guitar on a page for my son), another clear stamp of birdies (so hot right now), a ColorBox set of inks, and some paper…plus several packages of black brads to use when I customize my bookmarks.

I hope to get Emily started scrapbooking. She said she’s always wanted to, and her sister does, but she hadn’t caught the bug.

I have to say that traveling with my son’s girlfriend is like HEAVEN for me. Usually I’m the lone female, and it’s fine because I love my own company, but having a young lady with me is making this especially fun.

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