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I'm So Behind, I Look Like I'm Out Front…

Sigh. Today I slept until 3pm. Yes, 3 in the afternoon. Which I think is some indication of how incredibly tired I’ve been. The move, my mom’s death, all the running around to New York City and to Minneapolis, and back finally caught up with me. Of course, maybe there’s also the new trick I’ve learned. See, I’ve learned to sleep through the sound of acorns pelting our house. Yeah, at first, David and I thought a neighborhood kid was shooting our house with B-Bs or tossing a softball against our siding. We looked at the house from the front and couldn’t see any branches scratching. We looked from the back and nada.

But what we couldn’t see was the oak tree at the side of the house, strategically positioned between the windows at the side of the house. That was the problem. Plus, our bedroom has a vaulted ceiling, so the sound in our room versus the other rooms on that side of the house was different.

So, maybe I’ve just learned on some deep psychological level to ignore the acorns.

Or maybe it was the half-a-pill of Ambien that I finally broke down and took before bed.

Who cares? Whatever it was, it worked.


Here’s my schedule for Bouchercon in Indianapolis as of today, October 5. If you plan to attend, let’s meet up and say, “Howdy!”

Thursday, Oct. 15


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