The World Belongs to the….

Just when I thought I was standing on my last nerve, when I thought I’d scream because right now I feel like I have no control over my life (and I’m a person who values control), a friend sent this.

And you know, it reminds me that the world belongs to the playful.

Okay, deep breath. I can do this.

It’s going to be all right. I just need to follow the tail of the fellow in front of me…

"A Crop to Die For"

Looking for a fun and different idea for your crop group? Why not hold a dinner mystery theatre event? I’ve written a play you can put on with only six actors and very few props. It makes a great “frame” for a crop. The cost is only $30, which makes it perfect for a fundraising event. You can use the script as many times as you want for that one fee.

The script, instructions, a “Whodunnit Form” and a form for ordering books is available at YouPublish Just look through my “library” and you’ll see “A Crop to Die For” as one of the offerings.