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This is the second in a new newsletter series. I’ll be introducing you to my author friends. Want to win one of Diane’s books? Be sure to comment. On 8/22 (next Tuesday), I’ll use the random number generator to choose one lucky commenter to win one of Diane’s books. 

Diane Weiner writes the Susan Wiles Schoolhouse Mysteries in which a retired teacher turns amateur sleuth. You can learn more about Diane by going to her website

  1. How did you come up with the idea for your series? At the school where I worked, one of the teachers, an aspiring administrator, was always trying to brown nose the principal by bringing her home baked goods. One day I wondered “what if he poisoned that cupcake he’s bringing her so he can take over her job?”
  2. Which character is most like you? In my series, Susan Wiles is the character I want to be: a retired teacher, and a grandmother! She’s much more gutsy and outspoken than I am. I am pretty shy and cautious as a person. Our similarities are that we are both educators, and we both have close families. Our husbands and children are the center of our worlds.
  3. What’s the hardest part of writing? The hardest part of writing is having limited time during the school year, as I am still working full time. I often write in the mornings before school and have to stop right in the middle of what I’m doing to get in the shower and get to work on time!
  4. What inspires you to keep writing? I am inspired to keep writing because my characters and the town of Westbrook are alive to me and I want to be in that world. I also value the joy reading brings to me and there’s nothing more satisfying than reading a review or hearing from a reader that they enjoyed my book and can’t wait to read the next one. It’s like I’m passing on the joy reading brings.
  5. What advice would you give to an aspiring author? To a would-be writer, I’d say to just write. Brainstorm ideas—don’t get caught up in trying to make things perfect from the get go. If you love to write, write. Go to writing conferences if you can, read about writing, and try a critique group. Reading your work to others can give you the confidence to keep going.

Diane’s latest book, Murder is Homework, is now available, and we’ll be giving away a digital copy. It is book 9 in the series. She is currently working on the second book in her Sugarbury Falls series. A Deadly Course, set in Vermont with a married couple as the amateur sleuths, is available on Amazon.

Now tell me the name of a favorite teacher–and I’ll choose one of you to win a copy of Murder is Homework, next Tuesday, Aug. 22.


10 thoughts on “Meet Diane Weiner

  1. My father was a teacher (college level English), so I should probably name him. However, I’m going to go with my very favorite teacher, Dr. Hilmar Grimm. He was my History professor and faculty advisor. His dynamic lectures made you feel as if you were watching the action and he was always willing to go the extra mile for his students.

  2. A lovely feature and giveaway. When I think of my school days long ago and how I managed to survive I always give my grade 5 teacher, Mrs. Verniks, accolades. She was encouraging, understanding and helpful. When I had math problems ( since that was the bane of my existence for many years) she tutored me and gave me advice. Her ability to be patient, give of her precious time and think of me made me feel better about myself and school in general.

  3. My favorite teacher was Mrs. Goodhue – – a wonderful older woman with tons of patience for precocious 7th grade pre-teens!

  4. My favorite teacher was my Chemistry teacher Mr. Hansen (and I don’t even like science!). He had such a passion for teaching and made the classroom fun. He was also our tennis coach and devoted a lot of time to the team.

  5. My personal favorite teacher was my 8th grade teacher in a private catholic school in New Orleans, La. – Sister Mary Hugh. She was passionate, caring and progressive.
    Today I also would like to mention my good friend and mentor – Jodi Burchfield. She is a science teacher at JP Taravella High School in Coral Springs, Fl.

  6. My absolute favorite Teacher was Mrs. Maness who taught history. I worked for her in the Archives at School also. She not only taught history as interesting and alive… she was hilarious too. One day she brought a book in and looked at it fondly and said “dear George gave this book.” I said, “How long has your Husband been dead Mrs. Maness?” She replied, “What makes you think he is dead?” I said, “the only time we use dear in my family they are dead.” She laughed and laughed. she said “I am going to tell George that one.” Just loved her…

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