Group, Photo, Grave

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Group, Photo, Grave
The seventh book in
the Kiki Lowenstein Mystery Series
By Joanna Campbell Slan

Copyright 2013 Joanna Campbell Slan/All rights reserved

Chapter 1
I wouldn’t say that my mother-in-law Sheila’s wedding was ruined by the
discovery of a corpse in the catering tent. After all, the ceremony itself had
been lovely. But I will admit that the appearance of a dead man put a damper on
the festivities.

Sheila had obsessed about every little detail of her nuptials from the
rose petals scattered along the flagstone pathway to the type of Spanx she insisted
that I wear. So when the festivities were interrupted by a police
investigation, Sheila was fit to be tied. The corpse by the cooler ruined her
good mood, and on a personal note, made the wedding very difficult for me to

I mean, really? Can we talk?

How on earth would I handle this calamity in her wedding album? How would
I stick with the pink, navy and white color scheme

23 thoughts on “Group, Photo, Grave

  1. I am already imagining the next chapter. I was already having a chuckle…….i need to know what happened next.

    Write quick Joanna. An amazing start.

  2. Can't wait to see what Kiki gets into next. My first born heads off to college in the Fall so I am going to be looking for lots of books to fill my new free time!

  3. I'm hooked already. All I can say is that whoever the murderer is who ruined Sheila's wedding better hope that the police catch him before Sheila does.