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The Scrapbooker’s Journaling Companion: Journaling Made Simple for Saving Memories in Scrapbook Albums

 Series: Non-Fiction  Category: Non-Fiction  Publisher: Spot On Publishing  Published: July 4, 2022  ASIN: B08B75MQ71  Amazon

Do you HATE to write? Then this is the book for you!

Scrapbookers all over the world call Joanna “the Journaling Goddess” because she’s made writing in your memory books sooooooo easy. You’ll got from hating journaling to capturing your memories with a smile on your face. This book will help you get started with more than 641 questions and prompts that will help you capture the right (write!) words to accompany your scrapbook pages! (Or of course, you could also write it down in a bullet journal or a diary.)

Sharing your heartfelt emotions can be difficult at times, but this book is full of inspiration and ideas that will blast through your stumbling blocks. Whether you write in a bullet journal or on a scrapbook page, you’ll be crafting powerful journaling in no time. See how easy it is for you to save wonderful memories you thought you’d forgotten! Joanna even shares lists of descriptive words that will upgrade your journaling from “blah” to “brilliant!”

Here are just a few of the powerful “How to” sections:

  • Organize a complicated story.
  • Share an unhappy memory.
  • Handle divorce, death, and other family dramas.
  • Save memories when you don’t have the time to journal.
  • Journal when you don’t have photos or enough information.
  • Write without fear of making a mistake.
  • Avoid becoming “MIA” (Missing In Action) from your own life.
  • Quit sounding trite and sappy.
  • Use treasured possessions to springboard your writing.
  • Use IMPACT, REFLECTION, and EMOTION so that your scrapbook pages are meaningful.

For decades, Joanna Campbell Slan taught journaling to scrapbookers…in magazines, on cruises, and at conferences. Now you the best of her teaching is all in one handy guidebook, a nifty little companion that will make it so, so much easier for you to share your innermost thoughts and emotions on your pages.

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