Love, Die, Neighbor: The Prequel to the Kiki Lowenstein Mystery Series

  • Publisher: Spot On Publishing
  • Series: Kiki Lowenstein Mystery Series, Book Prequel
  • Genre: Cozy Mystery
  • Available Formats: eBook, eBook and Paperback

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A Prequel to the Mystery Series that has won the hearts of fans all over the world!

As the mother of an active toddler and the wife of an often absent husband, Kiki Lowenstein already has both hands full. But when the Lowensteins move into their new house on the same day the construction crew leaves, Kiki must learn to juggle boxes, baby, and big expectations. Her determination to be a good neighbor hits a serious roadblock when she angers the Nordstroms, the couple who live next door. Then Sven Nordstrom dies under mysterious circumstances, and Kiki is forced into the one role she never planned on playing: amateur sleuth.

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2016 Joanna Campbell Slan

I have my child perfectly trained. We know the way to every McDonald’s in the city, and we can even find the route to a few out in the boondocks, too. Anya catches sight of those golden arches and the chanting begins, “Do-no, do-no, do-no.” As I turned into the drive-through lane at the restaurant nearest our home, her cheers grew louder and louder.

After I received my order — two sausage burritos and a large coffee for me, an English muffin and an orange juice for her — I found an empty spot in the parking lot. There we ate our food. Thus satiated, we tossed the trash into a can and headed for Whole Foods, a local grocery specializing in organic and healthy fare. It wasn’t my usual place to shop, but I’d worked it out in my head that only the best would do for Sven and Leesa.

Because I badly needed a dose of courage to face the Nordstroms, I decided to take an approach with proven success. I would arrive on their doorstep like the proverbial Greek bearing gifts. Maybe I’d be more warmly received. I bought an expensive, gluten-free, über-healthy chocolate cake, paired with a bouquet of fragrant fall mums and asters, and a cheery “Hi, Neighbor!” card that I signed: Kiki, George, and Anya Lowenstein.

How could anybody resist the wonderful peace offerings I had planned for the Nordic gods across the street? Anticipation of their delight boosted my self-confidence. While the tantalizing smell of chocolate begged me to sample the treat to make sure it was worthy, I resisted the urge. Instead, I drove us straight home after shopping.

After lifting Anya out of her car seat and bringing in the goodies, I dressed my daughter in her cutest outfit. I ran a brush through my hair and secured it in a clip. After washing my face, I added a smear of lip gloss. Satisfied that I looked passable, and she looked adorable, I carried Anya down the stairs.

She fought me as I loaded her into her stroller. At seventeen months, she struggles to assert her independence, a sign she’s growing up. As much as possible, I encourage her, but today I was on a mission. Into the stroller she went.

A nip in the air signaled fall was in full swing. I picked our way down the mud-splattered concrete driveway, along the sidewalk, across the street with its smattering of gravel, and up our neighbors’ pristine brick drive.

The Nordstroms’ yard presented a stark contrast to ours. Their front lawn looked plush as a thick green carpet. Their landscaping was mature, perfectly proportioned to their house, while our spindly shrubs seemed cheap and puny, as if we’d tossed a handful of twigs into the soil willy-nilly.

“Give it time,” I reminded myself. “Home wasn’t built in a day.”

Anya grinned, her new front teeth gleaming in the sun. She was roaring into toddlerhood with a vengeance. Her new favorite words were, “No” and “Wha-da?” The latter being her personal code for, What is that?

“Friends,” I told her as we bumped along. “Next to family, they’re the most important part of life. In fact, I venture to say that in my life, they could easily outrank family. If I had any. Friends, I mean. You have family, Anya, but…it’s complicated.”

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Boxed Set: Happy Homicides 3 & 4

  • Publisher: Spot On Publishing
  • Series: Happy Homicides, Book 4
  • Release Date: Aug. 29, 2016
  • Available Formats: eBook, ePub, Mobi & PDF

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Buy Happy Homicides 4 and get Happy Homicides 3 absolutely free!

Find your new favorite author – or enjoy a new story by an old fave – with this huge collection (nearly 900 pages, two full books) of clean mysteries. Cuddle up with intrepid sleuths, stunning locations, and puzzling crimes.

˃˃˃ 2 Illustrated Bonus Files — Includes recipes and craft ideas that go along with the two anthologies!

˃˃˃ 25 Wonderful Mysteries

˃˃˃ 15 Fabulous Authors Including Joanna Campbell Slan, Linda Gordon Hengerer, Margaret Lucke, Nancy Jill Thames, Teresa Trent, Maggie Toussaint, C. A. Verstraete, Randy Rawls, Terry Ambrose, Jeffrey Marks, Deborah Sharp, Anna Celeste Burke, Carole W. Price, Lesley A. Diehl, and Nancy J. Cohen.

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Hooray for another Happy Homicides! The 4th anthology of short stories is here and I couldn’t be more pleased! * These brilliant authors have outdone themselves again. * This is the perfect read to welcome Autumn! * Another fun collection of authors I read regularly and some new (to me) authors that help me add to my reading pile.

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Copyright 2016/Joanna Campbell Slan


Happy Homicides 3

  • Publisher: Spot On Publishing
  • Series: Happy Homicides, Book 3
  • Release Date: May 21, 2016
  • Genre: Mystery
  • Available Formats: eBook

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A Beach Read Bonanza

A fun way to find your new “favorite” author. Number 3 in a series of bestselling mystery anthologies. Thirteen traditional mysteries by a dozen bestselling and award-winning authors. (500-plus pages!) With free bonus file of recipes and craft ideas. These clean mysteries are crimes committed in the heat of the season. Authors–Joanna Campbell Slan, Linda Gordon Hengerer, Ritter Ames, Margaret Lucke, Nancy Jill Thames, Teresa Trent, Maggie Toussaint, C.A. Verstraete, Randy Rawls, Terry Ambrose, Jeffrey Marks, and Deborah Sharp.

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Glue, Baby, Gone

  • Publisher: Spot On Publishing
  • Series: Kiki Lowenstein Scrap-n-Craft Mystery Series, Book 12
  • Release Date: May 6, 2016
  • Genre: Mystery
  • Available Formats: eBook

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After the world’s longest pregnancy, Kiki has her baby. But nothing in Kiki’s life goes as planned, does it? You’d think Detweiler would be over-the-moon with happiness, but instead he’s acting like he’s been jabbed with a diaper pin. Anya is sharing inappropriate pictures, Erik is wetting the bed, and someone is trying to steal newborn babies from hospitals in St. Louis. Kiki comes down with a bad case of the new mommy blues, and then one of her worst enemies winds up dead. It’s enough to make Kiki to cry like a baby–but help is on the way. Or is it?

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All Washed Up

  • Publisher: Spot On Publishing
  • Series: The Cara Mia Delgatto Mysteries, Book 3
  • Release Date: March 20, 2016
  • Genre: Mystery
  • Available Formats: eBook

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Half-drowned immigrants. A dead store owner. An attempt on a woman’s life. Despite all this, shop owner Cara Mia Delgatto still tries to do what’s right by returning a vintage Lilly Pulitzer to its original owner. As a result, she risks everything– including her son’s life. With a plot echoing the weighty decisions of today, and a revelation that lays bare the intrigues our nation’s most exclusive town, All Washed Up is a fast-paced, clean read, that sparkles with a cast of strong women. As an amateur sleuth, Cara Mia proves her courage. As a woman friend, she’s without equal. And as a crime-solving granddaughter, she’s not afraid to back up her grandfather when he’s in a tight spot, because that’s what women do…we take care of those we love. In this third book in the series, Cara’s romantic problems come to a nasty head, while her relationship with her sister grows more toxic. But throughout all the drama, Cara proves herself to be a woman you can count on in a tough situation. Of course, you can also count on her to come up with yummy recipes and terrific ideas for recycling.

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Cozy Holiday Escapes

  • Series: Kiki Lowenstein & Cara Mia Delgatto Short Stories
  • Release Date: November 1, 2015
  • Genre: Mystery
  • Available Formats: eBook

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Warm Seasonal Short Stories by Bestselling Mystery Authors for Cold Winter Nights

with Ritter Ames, Karen Cantwell, Carolyn Haines, Leslie O’Kane, Maria Grazia Swan.


Cara Mia Delgatto’s White Christmas:

Cara spends Christmas with her new friends in Florida and learns what a recycled, upcycled, repurposed Christmas can mean.


Kiki Lowenstein and the Secret Santa: 

When a grumpy customer needs a holiday “miracle,” intrepid scrapbooker Kiki provides it…with surprising results.


Happy Homicides

  • Series: Kiki Lowenstein & Cara Mia Delgatto Novellas
  • Release Date: October 15, 2015
  • Genre: Mystery
  • Available Formats: eBook

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A huge collection of heartwarming, brain-puzzling, and character-driven traditional mysteries that'll keep you entertained for hours!

Celebrate the holidays with stories by these thirteen bestselling and award-winning authors: Joanna Campbell Slan, Neil Plakcy, Lois Winston, Annie Adams, Jenna Bennett, Nancy Jill Thames, Sara Rosett, Camille Minichino, Nancy Warren, Linda Gordon Hengerer, Joyce and Jim Lavene, and Teresa Trent.

(At 213,000 words, this is 627 pages of reading material!)


Lost and Found Holiday Gifts: A Cara Mia Delgatto Novella

Santa isn’t the only one who delivers presents during the holidays. Cara Mia Delgatto sets out to do a few small favors and quickly learns how a thoughtful gift can change a life.
(Series Number 2.1)

The Rowan Tree Twig: A Kiki Lowenstein Novella

The holidays offer Kiki the perfect chance to keep a promise to her late friend, Dodie Goldfeder. But this sweet thought hits a sour note when Dodie’s husband is wrongly accused of murder.
(Series Number 11.1)


Plus, you can email to get a FREE Bonus File with recipes and holiday craft ideas.
(See details below!)

Special Features

ANT-HappyHomicidesBonusEmail me for this extra bonus file!

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Cara Mia Delgatto Mystery Series: Collection #1

  • Series: The Cara Mia Delgatto Mysteries
  • Release Date: July 19, 2015
  • Genre: Mystery
  • Available Formats: eBook

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Cara Mia Delgatto is a divorced mom and a savvy entrepreneur. While struggling to adjust to her new life on the Treasure Coast of Florida, Cara quickly recognizes that she isn’t the only person in the Sunshine State who occasionally gets a bad case of the blues. Drawing on the strength of her new-found friendships, Cara manages to turn sour lemons into key lime pie.

Readers have called these stories “delightful” and “heart-warming.” Several are also available individually, but they have now been grouped together with more stories for a savings of more than $2.99. Titles include: Cara Mia Delgatto and the Haunted Flamingo, Cara Mia Delgatto and the Thanksgiving Gift, A Day in the Life of Cara Mia, plus Kiki and Cara Mia’s Holiday Celebration. Also comes with two recipes and two craft tutorials.

Total word count is 60,622. Email address for special bonus file is included in this collection.

(This story collection follows Tear Down and Die, Book #1 in the Cara Mia Delgatto Mystery Series, and it precedes Kicked to the Curb, Book #2)


The Glassblower’s Wife

  • Publisher: Spot On Publishing
  • Release Date: March 20, 2015
  • Available Formats: eBook

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When Jewish glassmakers and their families flee the powerful Doge of Venice, the cost of their freedom is three hundred and fifty-seven mirrors — the creation of the magnificent Hall of Mirrors in Versailles. But the Doge sends assassins to pick off the artists, one by one. Can Ruth Telfin, the mute wife of the head glassmaker, save her people?

This is a 12,000-word short story.


“A heart-wrenching tale of determination set in the era of King Louis of France will grip your heartstrings and have you cheering for Ruth Telfin!
— Sharon Woods Hopkins
author of the award-winning Rhetta McCarter mysteries.

“Charmingly told and historically intriguing, this well-imagined and touching tale is one to share with your family and hold in your heart.”
— Hank Phillippi Ryan
author of THE WRONG GIRL.

“Who knew there were Jewish glassblowers? Joanna Slan knows, and she imagines their lives-and deaths-in a fascinating informative way that brings an unknown part of Jewish history to life.”
— Steve Lipman
staff writer for The Jewish Week, New York

“Beautifully written historical fiction that really captures the essence of the time period.”
— Yifat Cestare
Hebrew & Judaic Teacher and Tutor “

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Shotgun, Wedding, Bells

  • Publisher: Spot On Publishing
  • Series: Kiki Lowenstein Scrap-n-Craft Mystery Series, Book 11
  • Release Date: February 14, 2015
  • Genre: Mystery
  • Available Formats: eBook

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Buy One/Get One Offer — With this title, you'll also automatically get a free copy of "Tear Down and Die," the first book in a new series!

In Shotgun, Wedding, Bells, a very pregnant Kiki Lowenstein and her fiancé Detective Chad Detweiler are trying to race the stork to the altar. But their vows are interrupted by a shoot-out. With the help of her nanny, Bronwyn Macavity, Kiki vows to track down the man who ruined her wedding and put her family at risk. Even a big belly bump won’t stop this intrepid amateur sleuth!

(The books will load as one long book! And you are getting 2 full length novels at 155,744 word count.)


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