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Love, Die, Neighbor
Boxed Set: Happy Homicides 3 & 4
Happy Homicides 3
Glue, Baby, Gone
All Washed Up
Cozy Holiday Escapes
Happy Homicides
Cara Mia Delgatto Mystery Series: Collection #1
The Glassblower’s Wife
Shotgun, Wedding, Bells
Handmade, Holiday, Homicide
Kicked to the Curb
The Kiki Lowenstein Christmas Anthology
Kiki and Cara Mia’s Holiday Celebration
Tear Down and Die
Killer, Paper, Cut
Group, Photo, Grave
Picture, Perfect, Corpse
Kiki Lowenstein Anthology 3
Death of a Dowager
Kiki Lowenstein Anthology 2
Wave Goodbye
Kiki Lowenstein Anthology 1
Death of a Schoolgirl
Ready, Scrap, Shoot
Make, Take, Murder
Photo, Snap, Shot
Ink, Red, Dead
Cut, Crop & Die
Paper, Scissors, Death
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