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No Money, No Time–No Problem! Last Minute Gifts

Here are three thrifty and simple last minute gift ideas.
1. A Holiday Recipe Book— I used a cute holiday card from the $1 section of Michaels for this. I added the words “Recipes for a” to the front of the card. I slipped the card into a one quart sized plastic ziplock bag. I trimmed the back of the back and taped it shut (envelope style) with a sticker on the reverse side. I punched holes in the left side of the card. I added pages of cardstock with holes punched in them. Slice through 2 plastic curtain rings (Buy them in packages at Walmart. They are really cheap!) with a craft knife. Slip the card and pages onto the ring.
2. Candy Jar– I saved this jelly jar from the recycling bin. I glued a ribbon around the top and tied on a sprig of ivy (silk plant from Michaels) and a sprig of berries (same source). Isn’t it cute?
3. Personalized Gift Tags–If you are like me, you give gifts to the same people every year. Why not take a few minutes to make beautiful personalized gift tags? Or make a set for someone special?
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