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Upcoming and Incoming–Stuff I'm Doing and Thinking

* Listen in, please! I’ll be Sylvia Dicky Smith’s featured guest on Murder She Writes today at 5 p.m. CDT. You can listen in at I hope to talk some about promotions as well as my new book.

* Welcome new subscribers! My Constant Contact list grew by 62 names this month. Why? I think that reminding people they can sign up for my newsletter as I sell my book has helped. Now the challenge will continue to be providing value in that newsletter.

* Old friends and familiar faces. I continue to be amazed by the people I run into who own one of my “older” books. This weekend, I met a woman who owns 3 copies of I’m Too Blessed to be Depressed, a book I self-published and then sold to Adams Media. I’ve since gotten the rights back, and golly, maybe I should reprint that title because it was incredibly popular! Meeting “old” fans is such a good reminder that every public opportunity is another chance to turn folks into “raving fans,” the kind of people who talk you up at every turn.

* Good works and good reads. Just finished 35 or so bookplates for the Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League. I’m tickled pink they are selling so many books to benefit homeless dogs.

* Book clubs are terrific. Marlis Day told me they’ve sold at least 18 copies of Paper, Scissors, Death to the book club there in Monroe City, IN. At the Barnes & Noble in Fenton MO, the manager introduced me to a customer who was an avid reader. “By the way, are you part of a book club?” I asked. I proceeded to give the woman enough bookmarks for all her book club members. I can visit any book club any where via Skype and I’m excited about trying that.

* Bookmarks with ribbons. I have to say that despite all the pain in the bottom work that goes into adding the ribbons to my bookmarks, it surely makes a difference. I’ve had readers linger over deciding which color ribbon to choose. It’s so hard to know which of your marketing efforts is worthwhile, but I’m going to keep tying on ribbons as long as my achy-crampy hand will allow it.

* Signings this weekend:
** Friday, June 19, 7 p.m. at Barnes & Noble in Ladue
** Saturday, June 20, 1:30 to 3:30 p.m., at Barnes & Noble in MidRivers
** Sunday, June 21 (My birthday!), 1 to 3 p.m. at Borders on Manchester

How can I sign on my birthday? It’s easy. There’s nothing I’d rather do than make a new fan. Okay, nothing except write. So it’s my present to myself.

* Online chat:

** Thursday, June 18, at 7 PST with the Fiskateers

* Class:
** Tuesday, June 16, 6:30 p.m., Edwardsville campus of Lewis & Clark Community College, I’ll be teaching “How to Get Published”

* Blog appearances:
** I’ll be on Amy Alessio’s Vintage Cookbooks blog on Tuesday, June 16
** Pop Syndicate blog on Wednesday, June 17

NOTE TO SELF: Joanna, you simply must wear comfortable shoes to signings. This wincing with pain is not good!

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