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Promote, Promote, Promote

Okay, we’re a month and a half out from my book launch. So how do I fill my days?

Promoting. Sigh. No writing on my most recent work-in-progress unfortunately. Job #1 is selling the heck out of Paper, Scissors, Death before it hits the bookshelves.

Every day I have chores, jobs to do, and emails to answer. Right now I’m working on these projects:

1. A mailing to independent mystery booksellers complete with a special folder for Book Club members. I address my remarks to “Book Club Organizer” and include my excerpt booklet for her to peruse, plus a customized bookmark. There’s also a letter to the bookseller with info to help them sell my book–what authors I compare to, info about the coupon, and so on.

2. A letter to go to scrapbook stores, independent ones. My Midnight Ink publicist will put it in a packet and mail it out.

3. My Virtual Blog Tour. I’m filling in the spreadsheet. I have 17 dates in September already. Now I need to finish out the open spots and write the individual posts for each blog

4. My Virtual Tour in the U.K. I’m working with two websites. My book won’t be there until November, but we’re already thinking up ideas. One website is the hottest UK scrapbooking site. They’re planning a mystery weekend in my honor. That should be tons of fun.

5. My latest issue of my ezine. That went to the web guy yesterday. Because my list has more than 4,500 names on it, he has to send it out in shifts so we don’t get caught in the spam blocker. the ezine is chock full of freebies and even a contest. To sign up, sign in at my website. Or email me at and put “I want to get your ezine” in the subject line.

6. Details of upcoming events. I log these into That’s a great resource. Check it out. Go there and put my name in. You’ll see where I’m appearing this fall.

7. Publicity here in St. Louis. The pretty mermaid is an example. She was created as part of an invitation for The World Aquarium and then auctioned off for charity. I’m busily working with various members of the media. I write a thrice-yearly column for the weekly shopper, and I need to work on my next one.

Did I mention I need to make some upgrades on my scrapbooking website?

I must admit, I’m happy doing this. This month I’ve started to get emails randomly from people who’ve heard about the book and are excited. That tells me something is working. I’m getting the word out.

I hope the movie is right. I’m building it. I hope they come!

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