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Joanna Campbell Slan on The Cozy Corner with Alexia Gordon
Listen to the podcast here. Joanna Campbell Slan joins me in the Corner to chat about Ship Wrecked, her 8th Cara Mia Delgatto mystery. Tune in to find out what Floridians really think about snowbirds, whether a ghost crab really changes colors, and what happens when lizards freeze. Plus hear how Joanna names her characters, the difference between a paranormal tour and a murder tour, and the Florida Highwaymen paintings. Find Joanna at or on Facebook …
A Crime Spree Magazine Feature
 I thought you may enjoy this article via Crime Spree Magazine regards Jews in Cozy Mysteries.
Do Our Books Really Make a Difference? Welcome Guest Joanna Campbell Slan
In July I was on a panel with Joanna. We’d never met before and I just happened to sit by her. She’s smart, funny, and prolific. Our meeting was serendipitous in so many ways. Please join me in welcoming Joanna to The Wickeds. On a recent trip to Savannah, I was surrounded by reminders of John Berendt’s famous book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Shops sold the book in hard and soft cover, …
The Tyler Wagner Podcast Featuring Joanna Campbell Slan
Listen to Joanna on the Tyler Wagner Show.
Have Fun & Be Creative! Featuring Joanna Slan
In this podcast, we’re talking with USA Today bestselling author Joanna Campbell Slan, who has written 40 books. She’s also an internationally known expert on papercrafting and an award-winning miniaturist. Joanna inspires and uplifts her readers by sharing her creative journey from her home on Jupiter Island in Florida. Listen to the full interview by visiting:
PBS: Between the Covers (August 2013)
Novelist Joanna Campbell Slan discusses her series The Jane Eyre Chronicles that picks up where Charlotte Bronte left off beginning with her book Death of a Schoolgirl. Between The Covers is the WXEL Meet the Author series filmed in front of a live audience, hosted by Ann Bocock and brought to you in part by Murder on The Beach Bookstore in Delray Beach, FL.

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