My Imaginary Friend-Kiki Lowenstein - Joanna Campbell Slan

Lately I’ve been missing one of my dear friends. Her name is Kiki
Lowenstein. And yes, she’s the protagonist in my mystery series.  Unfortunately, I’ve been busy going to
conferences and attending signings, so I haven’t been able to work on Book #7, Wedding, Portrait, Killer.
Whenever I have to skip a day or two at the keyboard, I struggle with a feeling
of emptiness. I never had an imaginary friend when I was a child, but I
certainly have one now.
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18 replies on “My Imaginary Friend–Kiki Lowenstein”

  1. excitingly waiting to hear about the next chapter in Kiki's life. So appreciate you providing the shorts so we can get our Kiki fixes in between books.

  2. Joanna, My daughter and I have been avid readers of the kiki books and now we are having a hard time getting them in paper back, can you help, please.

  3. Dear Joanna —
    I really love your writing. Kiki and all her family and friends come to life in your books. I've read everything you've written about Kiki et al.
    I've been waiting and waiting for the new Kiki book to come out — I think it's number 10. I think you said number 11 was almost finished as well. I also loved the first Cara Mia book and am hopeful the second one will be out soon. Can you give me some dates of when the books will be available — whether on Kindle or in paper? Help, Joanna! It's so hard to wait for more news about Kiki!

  4. Joanna, I have read every book you have written. I can't wait for more… I stay up till wee hours in the morning reading your stories in bed (should be sleeping)but they are so awesome I can't put them down till I literally fall asleep. So I love Kiki, Ana, Detwiler, and all the rest. Thank you.
    You came by our Scrapbooking store in Cape Coral, and handed us one of your books, and I was hooked.

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