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My Miniatures

Some people don’t put bathrooms in their dollhouses, but I love bathrooms because they can be so fascinating. Here are two shots of the bathroom in my HGTV House. I call it that because I was inspired by the editor of HGTV Magazine. She redecorated her childhood dollhouse and gave it to a young niece. A few days later, I found one for $20 at a nautical salvage shop. Came complete with teeth marks, dirt, and broken edges. So I’ve been merrily transforming it. By the way, I am NOT giving mine away. Yes, that’s Zentangle that I did for the art work.

bathroom art 2   bathroom art

Bamboo Bookcase

bamboo bookcaseInitially this was a plain white, ho-hum, bookcase that I created for Big Wave Dave’s Surf Shop, but I couldn’t stand it. It looked too plain. I’d found bits of bamboo while walking the beach. Those pieces inspired me to gussy up Dave’s bookcase.