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Jo Knows How to Tangle: Lesson #2

Today we’re going to learn a new pattern, one that’s a favorite of mine–PokeLeaf. Typically Zentangle patterns are not representative, that means they aren’t an attempt to copy something that you might find in RL (Real Life). PokeLeaf is a bit of an exception because it’s obviously…wait for it…a leaf!

Introducing PokeLeaf–

You begin by drawing a skinny stick or finger:

Then you add the leaf, which is shaped roughly like a spade on a card deck:

A Cluster of PokeLeaves–

When you cluster PokeLeaves (PokeLeafs???) together, remember to put each new leaf behind the one you drew before. Typically, all your PokeLeaves will point the same way, but that’s definitely not a rule. I’ve been playing with changing up the way they point, and I hope to show that to you at another date.

PokeLeaf will go into one of the quadrants you made on your Zentangle tile. You can choose where! Here you’ll see where I added them–

Watch the video of me doing PokeLeaf–

Several of you have told me that watching me do the tangle and explaining it at the same time is helpful. So you can watch/hear me doing PokeLeaf here:

Filling in Around the PokeLeaves–

I colored in the areas between and around my PokeLeaves. You don’t have to, but you might wish to do the same. Why did I fill in with black? Well, first of all, I like the contrast. Secondly, the extra black allowed me to slightly shape some of the leaves. In fact, in this next video, I’m sharing some tips here for “perfecting” your shapes:

Which Pen Is Best?

You might want to splurge and buy Sakura Micron pens. Not all pens are created equal. Some have ink that’s more blue, some are more gray, and some are more of a pure black. In addition, some inks will run if your piece gets wet. These are reasons to choose your pen carefully. Of course, in a pinch, you can do Zentangle with any sort of writing instrument! That’s the beauty of it. But as time goes on, you might find yourself favoring one sort of pen over another.

My Preferences–

My preference? Sakura Micron pens in 1 and .005 sizes. Here are the links to packs of pens:

Micron 1 —

Micron 005 —

I have to admit, the 005 is my favorite. The tip is so fine that I can really make the sort of lines I like. However, because the tip is so small, I ruin a lot of pens.

A Budget Option–

If you are on a budget (and who isn’t these days?), I suggest you use a Michaels Crafts coupon and buy yourself a box of the pens in whatever size you like. They’ll give you hours of pleasure!

Homework–Watch the video to see…

* How to make your Printemps’ sparkle
* How to prep for Zander
* How to fit your tangles into the areas of your Zentangle tile
* A review of PokeLeaf

See you next Thursday!


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