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Jo Knows How to Tangle: An Online Zentangle Course


By Joanna Campbell Slan

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What is Zentangle? I define it as an art form and a type of meditation. The tangles (patterns) are able to be repeated, and thus, it is not aimless. Instead, the zen comes from the focus on your pen strokes. It’s the brainchild of Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. (And the term is copyrighted, but I can’t get my blog to cooperate and make a “c” in circle.)

Who can Zentangle? If you can write your name, you can do Zentangle.

What special equipment is necessary? At the most basic level, you need something to draw/mark with and something to draw/mark on.

What do I need for this class?

Really? Yup. However, if you want to get technical, here’s the deluxe version of the supplies:

At this point, you’re probably thinking…why? Why a square of paper? There are at least three reasons: 1.) You should be able to finish a tile in 30 minutes to an hour. The size keeps the project manageable. 2.) You can rotate that square as you tangle, and that’s very helpful. Most of us “draw” better when we are drawing on paper in the same position as when we were taught to write. By rotating the paper, you get a more consistent stroke. 3.) Tiles are easy to carry around so you can tangle anywhere and anytime.

And you’re also wondering…what about an eraser? Well, part of the Zentangle philosophy is that there are no mistakes, just creative opportunities. It’s like life. You can’t go back and erase the past. (Personally, I use an eraser. I cheat. As far as I’m concerned when I’m crafting I need all the help I can get.)

You might also wonder…what about colors? It’s a bit like Coke Classic and Diet Coke. Classic Zentangle is done in black or sepia ink on white or cream tiles. But I think a little color is fun! So if the spirit moves you, color!

And what do I do with these, um, tiles when I’m done? You could wallpaper your bathroom or…anything you want! I like to save my tiles two ways: 1.) in a ring binder with plastic sheets that have pockets in them and 2.) bound together by a ring or ribbon or string. (I’ll show you both of these options later on.)

But right now, I’m assuming you don’t have any tiles. So let’s get started.

Okay…Ready to go?



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