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A Year of Daring Greatly Starts Now!

I’ve been reading Daring Greatly by Brene Brown and
as a result, I’ve decided to dedicate this year to reaching out to other
people. That means putting myself in a vulnerable position, because they might “shut
me down” or reject me. It involves taking a risk, doesn’t it? That’s exactly what
Brown means by “daring greatly.”
Well, so far, the venture has been worthwhile. On a
whim, I emailed Alice Zinn, a renowned miniature artist, who lives just up the
road, and invited her to lunch. 
I’ll let Alice tell you what happened next: I did a little research on Joanna, including
getting in touch with my pal author Camille Minichino. (Margaret Grace to those
of us who read her “M” in Miniature murder mystery series.) Camille
assured me I would have a good time.

We agreed to meet at Riverwalk Caf