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Excerpt from Shotgun, Wedding, Bells (Kiki Lowenstein #11)

Excerpt from
(Book #11 in the Kiki Lowenstein
Mystery Series)
By Joanna Campbell Slan
Chandler Louis Detweiler took my hand and helped me up the last step of the
gazebo. Standing side-by-side, we faced the minister, our friend Lorraine. I
loved feeling of his shoulder against mine, strong and solid, a reminder of the
way we intended to live our lives.
too bad for a wedding thrown together in forty-eight hours,” he whispered
in my ear.
He was
right. I hadn’t had much time to plan our wedding, although I had been planning
to marry Chad Detweiler ever since I met him nearly three years ago. I kept
telling myself that the ceremony was only a formality, but deep down, I wanted
to wear a wedding band again. And even if the marriage didn’t matter to us