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Excerpt from Cara Mia Delgatto and the Thanksgiving Gift

Mia Delgatto and the Thanksgiving Gift


The first day of November

The Treasure Chest in Downtown
Stuart, Florida


beautiful fall day here in southeast Florida,” said MJ Austin, my friend
and full-time employee. She poured herself a fresh cup of coffee, the fragrances
of vanilla and cinnamon mingled in the air. When I gestured with my empty cup, she
poured me a warm-up.

she had the pot in her hand, MJ cocked her head at Skye’s cup. “Want

thanks. I’m drinking Yerba Mate,” Skye said.

I asked,” said MJ. “That stuff is just plain nasty.”

are such a study in contrasts. While Skye’s curls tumble down around her
shoulders, MJ wears her hair pulled off of her face. They are both gorgeous
women, both blonde, and very different from each other. I’ve been blessed to
welcome them into my life. Doubly-blessed that they’re my co-workers at the

Yerba Mate isn’t as tasty as coffee, but I like it,” said Skye. “It gives
me extra energy. I need it when I’m working an extra shift over at
Pumpernickel’s Deli.”

hope you aren’t racing over to the deli right away,” I said. “We need
to discuss the upcoming holiday. Specifically, how we can leverage Thanksgiving
as a way to boost our sales.”

Treasure Chest is a d