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How to Make Your New Dad Love You

A special Father’s Day post by Jax, the Havanese puppy.

Being adorable is hard work. Time for a nap!

Even if that male human wasn’t entirely sold on getting a new dog–and a puppy at that–you can change his mind. Here’s how:

1. When you first meet, leap into your new human Dad’s arms and lick his face. Over and over.
2. Nibble on his ears while you wiggle with joy.
3. When you are in the car on that long ride home, refuse to sit on your new Mama’s lap. Crawl into Daddy’s lap instead.
4. Then fall asleep.
5. Wag your tail and look at Dad with adoring eyes when he speaks.
6. Go potty whenever he takes you outside.
7. Snuggle up to him at every opportunity.
8. When Mama puts you on the floor to play, run and find Daddy.

It’s just that simple! In no time at all, you’ll own his heart.

Okay, any tips from you for making your human parents crazy-in-love with you?

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